Erica Farber | Balentine Chief Compliance Officer

Erica Farber

Erica Farber is a consultant to Balentine, serving as Chief Compliance Officer. In her role, Erica oversees all aspects of the firm’s trading, reporting, and client service functions. She has also been instrumental in the adoption and implementation of technologies to streamline processes and make Balentine more operationally efficient. Erica has more than two decades of experience in the wealth management industry and has been with Balentine since 1999. Erica is a panelist and guest speaker at industry conferences on topics relating to operations, process improvement, and compliance.


BA, The Ohio State University

Professional Experience

  • Wilmington Trust, Operations Manager
  • Balentine & Company, Portfolio Administrator

Professional Affiliations & Awards

FA Insight, Pershing INSITE Conference, Panelist & Speaker

Community Involvement

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Caring Outcomes Committee


Why did you choose to come to work at Balentine?

I reached a point where I didn’t feel like I was in control of my own professional destiny. I really wanted to be someplace where I could be more creative and make changes that didn’t take years to come to fruition. When we founded Balentine, we all had an idea of what we wanted to do differently. It’s exciting to start over knowing how we wanted to build the business and, for me personally, to build my operations team from scratch; you don’t get that very often. That being said, it’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What was your best business decision?

Founding Balentine. Any of us could work anywhere in this industry. We could probably work fewer hours and be less stressed. We’re all here because we want to be here, and I think that’s the most important message for clients and staff. We made a choice to do this every day. This is not the easiest journey, but it’s the one that we think is the best.

What do you think makes Balentine different from other wealth management organizations?

We put a real premium on making life easier for clients. In this day and age, there is too much information, too many forms to fill out, and it becomes overwhelming. We try to have all those conversations internally, so that when we speak to clients we know exactly what it is they need and the best way to handle a situation. Clients have busy lives. Our goal is to make their lives easier, not to be the central focus of their lives.

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