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Balentine’s culture reflects a collaborative workforce driven by excellence and a commitment to lifelong learning. Our goal is to create an environment where motivated people flourish. Beginning with a thorough, engaging onboarding experience, our dedicated human capital team offers a complete life cycle of talent development opportunities during your career at Balentine. See our open wealth management jobs below.


We are uncompromising in our commitment to professional excellence and continuous improvement.


We believe any enduring relationship must be anchored by a shared belief in doing the right thing.

Mutual Respect

We strive to show a deep respect for everyone with whom we interact.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We encourage all employees to possess the same entrepreneurial spirit on which our firm was founded.

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Sometimes finding the right fit means looking beyond the checklist of skills and experiences. At Balentine we know that bright candidates can often learn new skills quickly, while core values like integrity, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and mutual respect are honed over a lifetime. If your values align with ours, let’s talk - even if your professional background isn’t an exact match.

Director of Investment Trading and Operations (Atlanta, GA)

This role is an exciting opportunity for the right individual to lead, execute and collaborate in the design of an effort to bring our trading execution in-house where the role is presently filled by an outsourced partner. This role is a key component of the firm’s growth strategy and offers the opportunity to participate heavily in the creation and execution of the right combination of technology, processes, and order flow to enable the firm to fulfill its strategic goals and better serve its clients.

The Director of Investment Trading and Operations will report to the Deputy Chief Investment Officer and work alongside other Investment Strategy Team members in addition to collaborating laterally with client facing personnel where the individual will be responsible for owning, improving, and facilitating Balentine’s trading process and serve as the Subject Matter Expert of the software-based rebalancing tool(s) Balentine uses in the transition to bring trading in-house.

In sum, the individual in the Director of Investment Trading and Operations role will work as the lead in recommending the most efficient trading structure for the firm’s needs, run the firm’s model portfolios, execute Relationship Manager’s client requests, ensure compliance with communicated client constraints, and help supplement the trading related components of the Investment Strategy Team.


Balentine is an innovative and entrepreneurial organization that functions as a single team dedicated to excellence for clients and employees alike. To continue our culture of excellence, we have defined the following outcomes required of this position.

  • Manages and implements master list of all strategies and adjusts them as model changes are warranted
  • Works directly with RMs by helping execute client-directed trades and placing them in real-time, removing any ambiguity where necessary
  • Functions as the designated trading expert within the firm and is comfortable with time-sensitive, and responsibility-heavy activities such traditional stock, bond and fund trading in addition to periodic situations with interval funds, options, futures, forwards, FX, thinly traded positions, limit orders/stop losses/GTC, 12-b-5-1 programs, etc.
  • Takes a proactive approach and is actively reviewing accounts for adherence and compliance
    to and conformity with client instructions to alert RMs to remedy • Reviews client portfolios for conformity to nuances such as: client-specific IPS constraints, prohibited transactions, insider status, multi-custodian trades, 529 plans and so forth
  • Assists with client transitions into and out of strategies
  • Supplements IST with trading and market related data in the context of investment related initiatives
  • Trades the firm’s 401(k) plans


  • Meaningful experience in a trading role
  • Possess a significant level of experience with stock, bond, fund and ETF transactions
  • Must have experience in Microsoft Office Suite in addition to standard securities licenses and market-based trading tools and applications
  • Undergraduate degree or higher


While we acknowledge there can be multiple approaches to a job well-done, the below competencies outline some of the characteristics that we expect to contribute to the success of the Director.

  • Passion
    • Demonstrable, genuine enthusiasm toward both the investment industry and Balentine
  • Detail-Oriented – to the extreme!
    • A meticulous approach to all aspects of work
    • Ability and desire to explore and understand the minutia
  • Communication
    • Ability to take sophisticated material and convey its meaning in different formats, adjusting level of detail and technicality to audience at hand
  • Diplomacy and Discretion
    • Ability to communicate effectively and tactfully, keeping all confidential matter as such
  • Ownership and Compliance Mentality
    • Willingness to insist upon adherence to protocols and standards at all times
  • Analytical/Critical Thinking
    • Ability to think logically through a situation to identify and avoid potential pitfalls and arriving at the best-case and feasible outcomes
  • Calm Under Pressure / Unflappable
    • Ability to respond calmly and maintain performance standards in an intense and extremely high stakes environment
  • Flexible and Adaptable
    • Is unperturbed by changing priorities and conditions; is capable of shifting concentrations throughout the day


A competitive compensation package will be offered, including an attractive base salary and benefits.

If interested, please send a cover letter and resume via email. Please title the subject line: Director of Investment Trading and Operations – YOUR NAME.

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Relationship Manager (Atlanta, GA)

Balentine’s Relationship Manager (RM) role consists of three critical components. Externally, Relationship Managers are expected to generate new revenue through dedicated marketing efforts, establishing community connections, and by garnering the trust, and ultimately, the business of prospective clients.

Internally, RMs are tasked with providing holistic, wealth management care for the firm’s clients. Doing so requires an in-depth understanding of each client’s wealth philosophy, planning goals, and motivations as well as an intimate knowledge of Balentine’s. It is the responsibility of the RM to blend each client’s unique situation into a comprehensive financial plan with customized investment solutions.

Finally, Relationship Managers are leaders in the firm. It is essential for RMs to exhibit Balentine’s core values in everything they do.


Balentine is an innovative and entrepreneurial organization that functions as a single team dedicated to excellence for clients and employees alike. To continue our culture of excellence, we have defined the following outcomes required of this position.

The team will set specific client retention and revenue goals internally based on the specific book of business.

Client Management
  • Define and document investment performance needs and capacity for risk for taxable and non-taxable accounts to ensure overall asset allocation is properly aligned with clients’ estate and tax planning strategies. This requires the ability to articulate the entire array of Balentine’s client management philosophies, processes, and solutions in a manner which the client can understand.
  • Engage with all clients on a regularly and proactively to discuss topics such as progress to plan, current market conditions, asset allocation, account performance, tax updates, family governance issues, trust and estate strategies, and philanthropic goals
  • Liaise with clients’ teams of external advisors (trust and estate attorney, accountant, insurance agent) to ensure delivery of integrated wealth management services
  • Lead the selection and implementation process for clients who choose to diversify to additional external advisors
  • Follow all internal documentation and client maintenance procedures to ensure compliant record-keeping across the client team
  • Serve as the ultimate point of escalation for resolution of all client-related issues and requests
Financial Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Responsible for guiding clients through Balentine’s financial planning process and delivering the final product that addresses client’s financial goals and the steps to success.
  • Review and advise on outside or legacy assets, communicating Balentine’s consolidated reporting capabilities to clients
  • Implement and communicate to clients all investment decisions made by the Investment Strategy Team
  • Build customized portfolios based on the client’s particular situation focusing on risk tolerance, liquidity, and total balance sheet
  • Participate in portfolio monitoring activities, such as reviewing exception reports, leading annual client reviews, and approving all implementation plans and trade requests
Business Development
  • Find and develop prospective client opportunities, demonstrating the ability to articulate Balentine’s history and brand in accordance with the firm’s internal sales process
  • Team up with other business development personnel to convert identified leads into qualified opportunities, sharing best practices and insightful suggestions
  • Develop and maintain relationships with outside professionals including attorneys, accountants, and other advisors and manage delivery of targeted firm messaging to all
  • Engage with your community by participating and leading civic and philanthropic organizations
  • Coordinate efforts with the Marketing and Investment teams to create customized presentations as supplement to the sales process (PRISM, RFP/RFIs)
  • Be a leader for the client service team ensuring a positive and compliant team culture grounded in an in-depth understanding of team roles, effective communication, and compliance requirements
  • Mentor less experienced members of the team on Balentine’s approach to client management and how Balentine differentiates itself in the marketplace
  • Initiate efforts to achieve revenue growth, cost reductions, and improved efficiencies


While we acknowledge there can be multiple approaches to success, the below competencies outline some of the characteristics we expect an accomplished Relationship Manager to embody.

  • Passion
    • Demonstrable, genuine enthusiasm towards both the investment industry and Balentine
  • Client-Focused
    • Predisposition to take care of clients, to put others first
    • Ability to meet the needs of the client
  • Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills
    • Ability to read and connect with people and respond accordingly in varying situations
    • Ability to recognize own and others’ emotions to create positive interactions
  • Influencing / Persuading
    • Ability to direct the outcome of a situation
    • Ability to influence through effective communication
  • Results-Oriented
    • Ability to be accountable for yourself and for the actions and results of your team
    • Ability to demonstrate a strong work ethic resulting in goal achievement
  • Creativity / Innovation
    • Ability to dream and bring to life new ideas that help the firm and help our clients
  • Ethics & Integrity
    • Unquestioned commitment to doing what is right
    • Awareness and care of the effect your actions will have on others
  • High Standards & Confidence
    • Ability to instill a sense of trust and aptitude through successful and authentic interactions
    • Recognition that the RM represents the firm as well as the client and should embody the highest performance standards possible
  • Excellence & Entrepreneurialism
    • Ability to demonstrate examples of never settling for the status quo
    • Ability to calmly and efficiently solve problems with resourcefulness, innovative solutions, and limited direction
    • Ability to demonstrate entrepreneurial zeal with a strong business sense
  • Self-Regulated
    • Ability to stay focused and service an entire book of business with little supervision
    • Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and work hard both individually and collaboratively

A competitive compensation package will be offered including an attractive base salary, a performance- driven bonus, and benefits.

If interested, please send a cover letter, resume, and two references via email. Please include your full name as well as the phrase “Relationship Manager” in the subject heading.

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Senior Marketing Associate – Digital Marketing Specialist (Atlanta, GA)

The Senior Marketing Associate (SMA) is a very exciting opportunity for the right individual to learn about a wealth management firm’s entire business strategy and to participate in a rebrand, new website launch, and the creation of content and marketing materials that truly represent the heart of the firm and will allow Balentine to serve its clients.

From the entrepreneur wanting to leave a legacy of hard work and philanthropy for future generations to the foundations and endowments whose continued financial success will allow an untold number of people to live a life of dignity and accomplishment, Balentine is here to help clients achieve their goals. In this endeavor, the Senior Marketing Associate plays an integral role by generating content and documents across all mediums whose presentation capture the heart of Balentine and express our brand and our mission in a professional, aesthetically captivating way. In this way, the SMA directly contributes to the firm’s ability to help our clients and impacts overall growth potential of the firm as well.

The SMA will report to the Director of Marketing and work alongside other Marketing team members to design and bring to life materials that embody Balentine’s core values, and marketing initiatives and automations to drive marketing along the client journey. This Marketing Associate will collaborate on general marketing efforts and will specialize in digital marketing initiatives. The MA role at Balentine offers the employee a chance to be both creative and analytical on a daily basis, to innovate while learning all aspects of the marketing team.


Balentine is a self-sufficient, entrepreneurial firm, and we look for new employees who possess skills and experiences that will build upon the current team’s abilities and expertise.

  • 8-10 years in marketing
  • 3-5 years focused on digital marketing
  • Strong technical skills in the Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress, HubSpot, Google Analytics
  • Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat)
  • Experience across multiple digital strategies: marketing automations, email workflows, organic social, website design and experience
Digital Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Automation – strong working knowledge of HubSpot with experience building workflows and automations, creating lead gen marketing campaigns, building landing pages, designing and sending email campaigns, building and integrating progressive forms
  • Social Media – strong working knowledge of social media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – and ability to execute activities that will boost visibility on social channels. Will also work to connect social accounts to Hubspot and build automations between Hubspot and social display ads.
  • WordPress Website – serve as primary team member for posting blogs, updating content, building landings pages and integrating Hubspot forms onto primary website. Will also work closely with website vendor on the design and development of a complete website overhaul, bringing a working knowledge of how the website supports a sales funnel.

Data & Analytics

  • Research – Stay informed of competitor digital marketing efforts for benchmarking purposes
  • Analytics – Provide regular analysis and metrics of content and digital engagement; work with Client Relationship teams to produce and track action-items based on the data. Primary reporting sources are Hubspot, Google Analytics, and Salesforce
  • Ideas – Participate in brain-storming sessions for new pitches and department development ideas and bring forth data-driven recommendations

General Marketing Coordination

  • Event Assistance – Provide support as needed for external events, webinars and podcasts, including organizing, planning, setting up, and coordinating with vendors.
  • Creation – prepare presentation materials, requests for proposals, survey submissions, investment commentary pieces and other marketing driven collateral
  • Branding and Presentation – Apply Balentine standard branding to all documents and use creativity and Acrobat software to turn materials into eye-catching, professional publications that represent Balentine’s core values


While we acknowledge there can be multiple approaches to a job well-done, the below competencies outline some of the characteristics that we expect to contribute to the success of the MA.

  • Passion
    • Demonstrable, genuine enthusiasm towards both the investment industry and Balentine
  • Creativity
    • Ability to dream and bring to life new ideas that help the firm and help our clients
  • Design-focused
    • Ability to structure and format materials across all mediums in such a way that is both consistent with Balentine’s message and draws the audience in to learn more
    • Have an eye for the aesthetics
  • Effective Communicator
    • Ability to exchange information across different channels
    • Knowing your audience and adjusting the message in order to be understood and to accomplish the desired outcome
  • Curious
    • Desire to continuously learn and add value in new ways
    • Desire to seek out information and understand the root of the matter
    • Desire for continued growth personally and professionally
  • Coachable
    • Welcoming of feedback
    • Ability to learn quickly and adjust output accordingly based on feedback
  • Analytical / Critical Thinking
    • Ability to process qualitative or quantitative data and turn into actionable items for improvement
  • Flexible and Adaptable
    • Is unperturbed by changing priorities and conditions; is capable of shifting concentrations throughout the day
    • Willing to work after normal hours in order to complete time-sensitive projects as needed


A competitive compensation package will be offered, including an attractive base salary and benefits. If interested, use the button below to submit your cover letter and resume. Please title the subject line: Marketing Associate – Digital Marketing Specialist.

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Career Paths

At Balentine, the following employees can attest you will not find yourself pigeonholed into a traditional career path with no way out. As an entrepreneurial firm, we ask our employees to take the lead in designing their own career trajectories, traditional or otherwise, and to work closely with leadership to identify and develop skills needed for the next level.

Emily Barbour

2010: Client Service Associate
2013: Senior Client Service Associate
2016: Client Service Manager
2018: Director of Client Service
2020: Associate Relationship Manager

“I appreciate the entrepreneurial mindset with which we approach every day and every decision at Balentine. It’s important for a firm to stay nimble, and I love that we have stayed true to that approach as we’ve grown.”

Career Paths

Ben Webb

2014: Investment Analyst
2016: Senior Investment Analyst
2018: Director of Manager Selection and Implementation

“Balentine has a great story, and I love how the firm’s history has shaped our culture. Being a part of that story as a valued employee keeps me coming back for more.”

Career Paths

Erica Farber

2009: Partner and Director of Operations
2018: Partner and Chief Compliance Officer

“Founding Balentine with my fellow partners has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I’m proud of what we’ve built together and excited for the opportunities to come.”

Career Paths

John Maddison

2014: Associate Relationship Manager
2016: Relationship Manager
2018: Head of Financial Planning
2019: Partner and Head of Financial Planning

“The greatest part of working at Balentine for me is the ability to have a real impact on the lives of our clients. What we do matters and it starts with deeply understanding what each client would like to accomplish.”

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