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Why the Next Big Innovation Will Come from the Research Triangle (Raleigh/Durham)

Quick… think of the coolest inventions of our time. Would they include the smartphone? Or, electric cars? Disruptive inventions change our lives and the economy in ways we sometimes can’t imagine. And many of those discoveries happen right here in North Carolina.

Want proof? Remember those two brothers who defied gravity on North Carolina’s Outer Banks in 1903? How about that familiar scent our grandmothers rubbed on our chests during winter when we had stuffy noses and Vicks VapoRub came to the rescue. That history of imagination and ingenuity continues today in our region and I’m so proud that Balentine plays a part in that story.

Recently, I joined the board of directors of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED), a 35-year-old organization that touches not just investors and entrepreneurs but their entire ecosystems, including attorneys, CPAs, and other resources. As a collaborative community, we support the next generation of entrepreneurs through networking, raising capital, and matching funders with innovators. CED is led by a trailblazing leader, Ravila Gupta, who brings corporate and engineering acumen to the organization. Her diverse background is a catalyst for the entrepreneurial community she serves.

I’m grateful to be able to work with Ravila and CED and the many other entrepreneurs you haven’t even heard of yet. You can learn more about the brightest minds in our region at CED’s Tech and Life Science conferences the week of February 25th at the Raleigh Convention Center. More than 1,600 entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders, and industry visionaries from across the nation will converge and spark new ideas and connections.

This is just another example of why the Research Triangle is exploding as a business hub, which I recently wrote about here. No wonder the Triangle region tops so many lists of places to do business. I couldn’t be more proud to call this area home and to contribute to its success. Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the innovation that defines our region and support the next big idea born in NC.

John Maddison, CFA, CFP® is a partner and head of financial planning at Balentine.

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