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Don’t Let “Buy and Hold” Leave You in the Cold

The Case for Global Asset Allocation

Balentine’s Director of Institutional Relationships Darlene van Nostrand, CFA, and Chief Investment Officer Adrian Cronje, Ph.D, CFA, explain the benefits of a Global Asset Allocation (GAA) strategy in their article “Don’t Let Buy and Hold Leave You in the Cold,” which was featured in the Georgia Association of Public Pension Trustee‘s most recent newsletter.

Executive Summary

What if the typical, long-term “buy and hold” approach with calendar-driven rebalancing is missing a key source of potential return? One under-appreciated and misunderstood candidate is Global Asset Allocation (GAA). GAA strategies implement a more proactive, actively managed stance toward asset classes to take advantage of expected performance dispersion created by shifts in investor sentiment.

When adopted in a repeatable way, GAA strategies offer a complement to strategic asset allocation. Darlene van Nostrand and Adrian Cronje detail the benefits of Global Asset Allocation, describe three traits of an ideal GAA manager, and dispel two reasons people have been slow to adopt GAA as a strategy.

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