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Webinar Recording: Market Watch with CEO Adrian Cronje | March 27, 2020

Stock Markets Rally & Coronavirus Cases Rise. Plus: Responses To Your Questions on Economic Impact, Market Volatility, Recovery, and Investment Advice

Balentine CEO Adrian Cronje, Ph.D., CFA, provides a market update and answers questions we’ve received from our audience regarding economic impact, market volatility and recovery, and investment considerations, including:

  • How long do we think the recession will last?
  • How long do we anticipate the extreme volatility will last? How much further could a bottom be?
  • What steps are we taking and/or will we take to minimize downside exposure?
  • Should I jump into bonds or money market in my 401(k)?
  • What are our thoughts on municipal bonds? Gold? What looks particularly attractive given the recent market activity?
  • Should recent events drive a change in asset allocation?
  • How much cash should we hold in reserve, and how much should we funnel into the market?

Adrian thoughtfully addresses the myriad questions investors and business owners are contemplating about the economy and markets amid the turmoil.

And, most importantly, reminds investors that in both good times and bad, the need for a consistent and unemotional process is critical.

Much uncertainty exists right now around the coronavirus and the ripple effects of this pandemic. We will continue to assess new data and provide timely information and insight around current market volatility and economic impact. Visit the dedicated resource page on our website for a consolidation of the market updates, insights, and resources we encourage investors to read: Latest Market Updates Amid the Coronavirus.

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