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2018 Mid-Year Report: Financial Planning at Balentine

Life isn’t static, and your financial plan shouldn’t be, either. There are myriad scenarios which can alter your financial future, and it is our job to ensure that, no matter what changes, your financial picture remains up-to-date. What will life look like if you sell your company at a multiple of 12 instead of eight? How will your financial picture change if your parents live until their mid-90s? Will your spouse have enough money to live if you pass? While it is impossible to predict the future, we can help you have a better idea of the impact of certain events.

For this reason, Balentine has partnered with eMoney and Riskalyze, two of the industry’s leading financial planning tools. Instead of reviewing the past, with the technology we’ve harnessed, customized, and enhanced, we look to your future. We can answer life’s “what-if” questions which keep you up at night, in real time. Then, we’ll work with you to build a plan to help you reach your goals—financial and otherwise.

Financial Planning with eMoney

With its Personal Financial Management website, eMoney provides 24/7 access to all of your financial information through one secure, interactive portal. It also integrates with many of the most popular accounting and financial platforms.

Other features of eMoney include:

  • Cash-flow planning
  • Estate planning
  • Advanced planning
  • Goal-based planning
  • Digital vault
  • Account aggregation
  • Investment planning
  • Retirement income

Financial Planning with Riskalyze

Balentine has always had a risk-first approach to wealth management and investing, so our partnership with Riskalyze is the perfect complement. Riskalyze utilizes powerful risk analytics, based on a framework that won the Nobel Prize in Economics, which allow us to quickly assess your true risk tolerance. From there, we can see if your current portfolio allocation is in line with your stated risk tolerance.

As this initiative, led by Relationship Manager John Maddison, CFA, CFP®, has grown, Balentine has invested in human capital to increase our bench strength and depth. In addition to our many Chartered Financial Analysts, we now have a team of dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.

Life gives you enough to worry about; your finances shouldn’t be one of them. Armed with a team of experts and customized technology solutions, our goal is to help you gain peace of mind.

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