Wealth & Legacy

Wealth & Legacy: Navigating Crucial Conversations

At Balentine, we’re committed to helping clients navigate crucial conversations to enrich their most important relationships. Our guide, Wealth & Legacy, offers insight to help families increase resiliency, avoid getting lost in the desert of riches, and approach these conversations with a renewed spirit of hopefulness and intentionality.

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We see time and again that successes or challenges with wealth transfer can almost always be traced to the strength and weakness of communication within the family, particularly in the clarity of vision and the communication style modeled by the primary wealth creator. Regardless of any towering success he or she might have achieved in business, philanthropy, or wealth creation, many of these clients still grapple with how to create meaningful dialogue with those closest to them. Yet, the stakes are incredibly high. Families with a lack of communication tend to struggle intensely with intergenerational transitions, and their wealth and mutual trust can suffer as a result. Our sincere hope is to help families reach new levels of alignment, authenticity, trust, and transparency with loved ones, and provide support as one’s wealth and unique definition of “legacy” evolve.

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