Risks and Opportunities in a Fragmenting World

2014 will end up in the history books as a surprisingly good year for US stocks and bonds. Though the S&P 500 index was showing a decline on the year through early October, the Federal Reserve’s (Fed’s) reassurance that it would be “patient” in raising short-term interest rates reinforced a sharp rally over the last […]

Balentine, an Atlanta Investment Advisor, discusses Seven Key Investment Principles in Applying Seven Key Principles.

Applying Seven Key Principles to Invester Portfolios

In a recent article for the CFA Institute’s website, Lauren Foster highlighted seven key investment principles to help investors stay on track. Balentine has covered all of these principles in previous research papers and interviews. Below, we take a look at these seven principles and provide more details and insight into how these are a part […]

Better Questions to Ask

As we near the end of 2013, the U.S. stock market is up nearly 28% for the year. This sharp rise has caused many people to become obsessed with “keeping up with the Joneses,” taking a near-term, relative view of their portfolios and asking how much higher this trend can go. However, that is a misleading […]

2011 Year In Review: Balentine Risk First Approach to Investing

2011 was filled with many ups and downs – with issues ranging from natural disasters to politically-created ones affecting markets. In this three part series, we will look back at some of the biggest factors that affected the economy and examine their potential impact going forward. In Part One of this series, David Damiani, Director of Risk Management, discusses Balentine’s risk-first approach to investing and the benefits of approaching investments in this way.

The Upside of Down Markets

Balentine’s approach to investment management is a “risk-first” approach that some may see as defensive, contrarian and even sometimes counter-intuitive. But it is built specifically for periods like this: when markets have given up entire yearly gains in a matter of days. Our considerable investments in assets outside of the United States and our emphasis on hedge strategies, commodities and market-neutral investments means that our clients’ portfolios are better positioned to weather the storm.