The Great Migration of China

Balentine’s Investment Strategy Team has regularly looked to China and other emerging market economies as part of our Art and Science approach to investment management. From housing bubbles to commodities markets, China has loomed large in our discussions. As we examined each of these issues in search of opportunities, we have found that China’s Great Migration […]

2013: The Year That May Be?

For a third year, Bob Reiser, Senior Investment Advisor and Investment Strategy Team Member, tries to make sense of the world’s markets and economies and come up with a forecast of the year ahead.

The Expected Unexpected for 2012

Last February, we posted a blog entitled “The Expected Unexpected in 2011” in which we listed nine S.T.E.E.P. related events that we believed would impact the markets. As we begin 2012, we’ll look back at last year’s predictions and examine potential areas of concern for the coming year and beyond.

2011 Year in Review: The Importance of Emerging Markets on the Global Economy

The year 2011 was one filled with many ups and many downs – not just on the stock market. Everything from natural disasters to politically-created ones affected markets. In this three part series, we will look back at the last twelve months at some of the biggest factors influencing the economy and their potential impact going forward. In Part Two of this series, Balentine discusses the increasing importance of the emerging world over the past year and the issues we’ll continue to monitor as we enter 2012.

China’s Housing Market: Will the Bubble Burst?

There has been a great deal of speculation recently about the nature and potential consequences of property values in China, leading many to question if a bubble actually exists, when it might burst and what the effects could be.

Bipolar or Tri-polar Economy?

This week’s edition of the Economist leads with an article describing the global economy as experiencing a ‘three-way split’.