Back to School: What are 529 Plans?

The average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, a six percent increase from the previous year. One way parents can help alleviate this debt burden is to start saving early! There are several good options for college savings, and one of the most popular is a Section 529 plan.

“Money Don’t Matter 2 Night…” Four Lessons to Learn from Prince’s Estate Planning

Much has been written about Prince’s death on April 21, and while the news has mostly focused on his music legacy and the surge in purchases following his death, financial news outlets are discussing the fact he died without a will. With an estimated $300 million at stake, it could take months – if not longer – to untangle the estate. While Prince was unique in many ways, his estate situation is not.

The One Page Financial Plan Synopsis Part 3: Not All Goals Are Attainable

In The One Page Financial Plan, Richards tells one painful case where a client realized that her globetrotting travel goals were simply unattainable. It was a hard part of the book to read but an important one, for it is indicative of real life. After all disappointment comes when there is a gap between expectations and the reality of the situation.