Financial Planning by Decade: Your 20’s

After two decades of relying almost exclusively on your parents to foot your bills, you may embrace your 20s as a time for welcomed financial independence. There are five steps to help you on your way.

The Art & Science of Conversation

We often talk about the “art” of conversation, but rarely the “science.” Conversation is, in fact, more often viewed as an art – something suggesting free form, creativity, fact, fiction and any other creative injection without regard for accuracy or truth – rather than as a science. However, these are not the types of conversations Milton Wright envisioned. Today, the result is that many of our conversations between politicians and political parties on issues like the debt ceiling are not really conversations at all, but instead, they are statements of belief that reflect party interests and incorporate a combination of truths, half truths and occasionally even falsehoods.

Til Debt Do Us Part?

If the Founding Fathers could not agree on the national debt, then what chance do we have of reaching a compromise about raising the debt ceiling? 235 years later as we address the issue of whether to raise the debt limit before the United States chooses to stop servicing its national debt, there appears to be a lot of “checking” and not much “balancing.” It is unedifying and unnerving to watch people driven by four to six year election cycles play Russian roulette with the Treasury’s inviolable reputation for credibility and reliability.