Financial Planning

Financial Planning at Balentine

Life isn’t static, and your financial plan shouldn’t be either. Myriad scenarios can alter your economic future, and it is our job to ensure your financial roadmap remains current amid varying circumstances. We leverage leading planning and quantitative risk assessment software with our decades of experience to design strategies for monitoring your progress to plan and, ultimately, to achieving your goals.

Collaborative Approach

Our interactive planning experience allows you to visualize the effects of changes in assumptions.

Comprehensive View

Gain visibility into your full financial world on one screen.

Digital Vault

Keep life’s important documents secure yet easily accessible.

Mobile Friendly

Monitor your progress to plan wherever life takes you.
Goals: Outline our clients goals. Paths: Evaluate the right path to accomplish the goals. Strategy: Implement desired strategy.

The Balentine Process

Our financial planning process begins with an understanding of where you are today and where you would like to be in the future. We help you quantify your aspirations, evaluate various paths for achieving these goals, and develop a blueprint to maximize the likelihood of success. By putting in the effort at the outset to understand your world, we are ready to address new situations and opportunities as they arise.

Four computer screens showing the various financial planning tools Balentine uses

Scenario Planning with Balentine

All financial plans involve choices. Visually experiencing the effect of a change allows our clients to better understand their options. How does selling your company at a multiple of 12 instead of 8 impact your future? What’s an appropriate amount to take out of your business and invest conservatively to provide some peace of mind? While it is impossible to predict the future, we can help you gain a better comprehension of the potential impact of various events, whether they be related to your business or personal financial goals.”

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