Family Office

Family Office at Balentine

We help entrepreneurs and families by providing experienced oversight to intricate and often complicated, multi-generational situations. We are committed to providing clients the answers and peace of mind they seek as they navigate the many complexities of wealth, family dynamics, philanthropy and legacy.

Our Focus: Helping You Navigate Complexities

We aim to simplify and improve the quality of your life. By building a deep understanding of your unique situation, we deliver sophisticated and customized solutions, working collaboratively with your key advisors and family staff. Our Engagement Letters, based on a scope of service, tailor the way we help you, regardless of whether or not we are managing your assets. Our Fiduciary approach also means your best interest will always come first and our recommendations are not tethered to a product of increasing assets under management.


Aligned To Solve Complexities


We help wealth creators bring organization, simplification and clarity to the many aspects of family and enterprise.


For the topics beyond the numbers, we strive to support communication among the generations of your family.


So that families can focus on their priorities, we serve as a quarterback and someone experienced and able to handle complexities.

Trust & Guidance

As stewards, we can help weigh the many decisions our clients face and serve as thought leaders when wealth creators feel conflicted.

Customized solutions for your unique situation

Intergenerational families who need help navigating complicated family matters

Regardless of any towering success they might have achieved in business or wealth creation, many of our clients still grapple with how to bring this conversation home to their families. They are uncertain how much to share, what to broach and when. We help families successfully navigate those deeply personal, highly crucial conversations regarding wealth and legacy and think through some of these complexities.


Mission & Values | Governance | Education of Children | Communication & Family Meetings

Individuals and families with complex financial situations that require industry experts

We provide a global view of all the moving parts of your financial picture. This includes an integrated and robust approach to planning, coordinating with external advisors and asset management of public markets and private capital.

Business owners in search of advisory help and an understanding of how business fits into their wealth

Successful enterprises come with a unique subset of complexities, especially as businesses approach transitions that introduce new complexities of wealth and require objective advice. We help business owners explore capital structure, internal succession planning, and external succession plan coordination. We also understand that these decisions and circumstances do not exist in a vacuum and must be understood within the context of your integrated personal and multi-generational family wealth.

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Our Family Office Pillars

We recognize the tactical areas in which complex family enterprises need support. Our relationships, tailored around the business, financial and multi-generational family matters, benefit from guidance around these dynamic pillars:

  • Planning
  • Administration
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth & Legacy
  • Business Advisory
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Ready for a conversation?

As each of our client relationships are unique, it all begins with a conversation to learn about your family, business and situation. If you are ready to take that first step, we invite you to contact us.