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For more than 30 years, Balentine has created an exceptional client experience by aiming to provide peace of mind and investment results for our clients. We believe the pathway to success comes through collaborating with our clients to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Our model-driven investment approach, developed through more than 20 years of data and experience, seeks to capture financial market dislocations by measuring valuation and momentum, with the goal of providing consistent long-term results for your investment portfolio.

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Financial Planning

At Balentine, we do not measure success simply by beating a market benchmark. Instead, success is defined in your terms. We work in partnership to create a customized financial roadmap. Our highly personalized approach brings objectivity, insight, and experience to identify your goals and objectives. We evaluate your current financial situation and your past experiences. Throughout the goal-setting process, we help you articulate and prioritize your objectives to provide a fully informed understanding of your choices.

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Business Owner Advisory

Like many of the clients we serve, Balentine is a firm of entrepreneurs. From our own experiences and through years of working with clients in similar circumstances, we understand the unique challenges business owners face. However, managing wealth is distinct from managing and operating a company. At Balentine, we understand the importance of this distinction by ensuring optimal outcomes during your pre-transition planning. This enables us to help you prepare for life before and after the transaction process.

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