Lizzette Tarver

Lizzette Tarver is an Executive Assistant at Balentine. In this role, she provides support to the Multi-Family Office team. Prior to joining Balentine, Lizzette worked as the Senior Manager in Marketing Operations at Comcast. During her years in the media industry, she developed skills in leadership, project management, multitasking, and flexibility that will contribute to her success as an Executive Assistant. Lizzette graduated from New York University with an Associates in Applied Science in Accounting in Finance and a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior. She went on to earn an MBA and a Master of Science in Organizational leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.


  • MBA, Southern New Hampshire University (Marketing)
  • MS, Southern New Hampshire University (Organizational Leadership)
  • BA, New York University (Organizational Psychology)
  • AAS (Accounting in Finance)

Professional Experience

  • Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., Senior Manager of Marketing Operations
  • Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., Manager of Marketing Operations
  • Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., Marketing Specialist
  • The Nielsen Company, Sr. Research Analyst

Professional Affiliations & Awards

Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) Network Southeast, Senior Director of Membership (Past)

Community Involvement

  • Comcast Cable Community Investment Ambassador
  • Comcast Women’s Network Employee Resource Group


How and why did you get into this business? 

After several years in the telecommunications industry, my position was eliminated due to financial and operational challenges posed due to Covid 19. In considering my next steps in my career journey I made an intentional decision to cast my net wider and seek out a new opportunity in the financial services industry. While I greatly enjoyed marketing in the telecommunications field, I also have stellar skills and competencies that make me a great fit for an Executive Assistant position. I can add much value to this role and am always willing to take on new challenges that will assist to support those I work for. I am able to multitask and pivot where needed, which is critical in this type of role.

Why did you choose to work at Balentine? 

Balentine is a formidable wealth management firm and I am most excited about learning how I can drive the business forward. I believe my personal values directly align with Balentine’s core values (Excellence-Integrity-Mutual Respect-Entrepreneurial Spirit).

Why does Balentine Exist?

Balentine exists to serve clients in a better way that is most conducive to preserving, growing and further accumulating their wealth. Balentine’s wealth managers guide individuals, entrepreneurs, and multi-family generational wealth plans.

What is the most exotic place you have ever been? 

By far Italy has been one of the most exotic places I’ve ever been. I had a wonderful opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Italy and traveled to almost every city. I was fascinated by the culture, food, wine, architecture, and way of life. I fell in love with the colosseum in Rome, visited Machiavelli’s castle in Tuscany, ate pizza in Venice, was overjoyed by the beauty of the Bellagio on Lake Como and wanted to stay in Positano for hours.

What do you personally think makes Balentine different from other Wealth Management firms?

I think Balentine sets itself apart from other wealth management organizations because it is the utmost importance focus on independent investment resources combined with a fiduciary relationship in the best interest of the client. Balentine is committed to delivering value through strategic investments and innovative plans. Also, Balentine is 100% employee-owned.

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