We challenge convention in pursuit of solutions that are in the best interests of our clients.

At Balentine, our goal is to deliver exceptional service for our clients. We believe in mastering the details and taking the time to get to know you, along with your unique challenges and opportunities. We don’t just ask questions, we listen to your answers and craft solutions that are built just for you. As part of our holistic approach, Balentine provides highly customized wealth management strategies that include investment advisory and financial planning services.

Client service begins on day one, with a dedicated onboarding team and system that aims to simplify your life and reduce the stress that can come when engaging a new advisor. From there, we guide you through a process that will translate your needs and values into a specific plan designed to achieve your goals. Balentine’s robust reporting system is devised to ensure that you feel empowered and connected, with all the information you need to make informed decisions at your fingertips.


One Focus: Your Financial Needs and Goals

Balentine delivers truly objective wealth management solutions. Our sole mission is to meet the unique needs of our clients. We employ a holistic approach that balances the technical aspects of managing your wealth, such as risk management and rates of return, with your personal goals, such as education funding or charitable giving.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Balentine is held to a Fiduciary standard of care, ensuring our clients’ interests always come first.


Resources Designed to Serve You


Robust Financial Planning

At Balentine, we don’t measure success as beating a benchmark. Instead, success is defined by you. We work with you to create a financial roadmap unique to your goals, your needs, and your objectives. Balentine’s highly personalized approach brings objectivity, insight, and experience to identify your life needs and goals. We discuss your current financial situation and your past experiences. Throughout the goal-setting process, we help you articulate and prioritize your objectives to provide a fully informed understanding of your choices.

Our next-generation planning tools create your customized personal financial plan. We then work with your legal, accounting, and insurance teams to execute and implement. A truly comprehensive financial plan is a living and breathing document and should adapt as your life changes. Therefore, we carefully monitor your plan and, on an annual basis, discuss any changes that may impact your needs or financial goals.



Customized Investment Solutions

At Balentine, we recognize that no two clients are exactly alike. Our clients have different priorities, goals, and timelines for the management of their wealth. Some may have a higher tolerance for risk while others may have extremely specific tax situations. Because of these infinite variables, we believe no two portfolios should be exactly alike.

Balentine consistently monitors and adjusts your investment exposures to mitigate risk and capture opportunities as warranted by current and developing market conditions. Unlike traditional asset allocation models employed by many financial firms, we approach individualized portfolio construction with the fundamental foundations of base capital and growth capital and adjust these components according to your needs.

Easy Onboarding

Changing wealth advisors can be difficult. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible. Balentine has a dedicated, full-time team that works exclusively with new clients throughout the onboarding process. Our seamless and standardized approach is designed to ensure that your first experience as a Balentine client is as painless as possible.

Balentine Client Onboarding Process



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