Markets take the stairs up and the elevator down

Thoughts on recent market volatility February 14, 2018 Gabe Lembeck, CFA Director of Research, Balentine A common saying in finance is that “markets take the stairs up and the elevator down.” After more than 3,000 days of steady stair climbing and very little volatility, that changed violently and suddenly on Friday, February 2, and Monday, […]

Introducing Balentine’s 2018 Capital Markets Forecast

Balentine’s 2018 Capital Markets Forecast is our signature research piece for the new year, serving as the foundation of our investment process and featuring our best thinking on topics ranging from tax reform to cryptocurrencies.

Tax Reform’s Expansion of 529 Plan Benefits

The new federal tax code has expanded the benefits of 529 plans to include K-12 expenses of up to $10,000 per student each year. If you anticipate that your child will attend a private school for his or her K-12 education, you’ll need to adjust your planning accordingly.

Can you afford your retirement?

With lower investment returns anticipated in the future combined with longer life expectancies, it is critical that your retirement portfolio provide the necessary spending for your entire lifetime.

Confessions of a former TV producer

This has been a year of intense media coverage, most of which has been predictably negative, yet the U.S. stock market is poised to produce double-digit gains. Why is that? Relationship Manager Bradley Martin shares his experience as a former TV news producer.

Tax Reform: Why Have Markets Remained So Skeptical?

Congress has reached important milestones in the journey toward the Trump administration’s promise of comprehensive tax reform. Why, though, have markets appeared skeptical that anything will be achieved in the near term?

Giving Tuesday: Balentine Gives Back

For the past five years, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been celebrated as #GivingTuesday, a day to refocus on what matters most—giving back to those in need. Balentine believes strongly in giving, and this November has been no exception!