Our Team

Meet Your GAA Team

We are proud of our stable team and collaborative workforce at Balentine. We place strong emphasis on our culture, with a focus on integrity, excellence, mutual respect and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Departments

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Christina Callesis

Human Resources and Project Manager
Adrian Cronje | Balentine Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
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Adrian Cronje

Chief Executive Officer
David Damiana | Balentine Chief Financial Officer
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David Damiani

Chief Investment Officer
Erica Farber | Balentine Chief Compliance Officer
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Erica Farber

Operations and Compliance Consultant
Gabe Lembeck | Balentine Director of Research
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Gabe Lembeck

Director of Research
Kathryn Sandoval | Balentine Client Transition Manager
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Kathryn Sandoval

Financial Planning Manager
Alexa Svensson | Senior Executive Assistant
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Alexa Svensson

Executive Project Manager
Liz Thomas | Balentine Director of Marketing
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Liz Thomas

Director of Marketing
Ina Toderita | Balentine Director of Operations
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Ina Toderita

Director of Operations
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Susie Wang

Director, Investment Strategy Team
Ben Webb | Balentine Director of Manager Selection and Implementation
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Ben Webb

Director of Manager Selection and Implementation
Balentine team in front of Junior Achievement sign

Our Culture

Everything we do is designed to put your needs first. We have assembled an exceptional team that values relationships as well as results. We believe our diversity gives us an advantage as we conceive new ideas and ultimately works to benefit our clients. As a perennial winner of Pensions & Investments’ Best Places to Work in Money Management, we are focused on maintaining a high-performance culture.