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Bridging the Gap: Different Generations of Clients Demanding Different Service Models

Brittain Prigge, Balentine’s head of relationship management, spoke with Financial Advisor Magazine on the importance of communicating differently with different generations of clients in the article, “Bridging the Gap: Different generations of clients demanding different service models.”

“Though each client is unique, certain trends emerge among generations,” says Brittain Prigge, director of relationship management at Balentine, an Atlanta-based independent investment advisory firm. For example, she says, the octogenarian patriarch who created the family’s wealth in the first place might prefer face-to-face meetings, while his 30-something heir who has taken over the family business and always known wealth would rather communicate by text message. “Establishing and understanding who your client is today will pave the way for the future,” says Prigge.

Read the full article “Bridging the Gap” here.

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