Robert Balentine on School for Startups Radio

Robert Balentine was recently a featured guest on the “School for Startups” radio show. In this interview, Robert discusses Balentine’s fee-only, transparent approach to investing, Balentine’s risk-based investment philosophy and the importance of culture in an entrepreneurial business. Click here to listen to Robert’s full interview.

From Tax Cuts to Tax Management

For the past 10 years, Americans have enjoyed historically low tax rates. The Bush-era tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003 created a six-tier tax bracket based upon personal income levels and a relatively low capital gains/qualified dividends tax rate. In 2008, investment and accounting professionals began discussing what to do when the 2001 and […]

Few Georgia investment firms bought Facebook

At Balentine LLC, which manages $1.5 billion, Facebook just doesn’t fit into the strategy. “Growth investing is a tough game to play,” said Adrian Cronje, chief investment officer. “The evidence is really not behind people who try to play that game.” Investors in Facebook stock are paying too much for glamour, and not actual value, he said. “In one sense, Facebook is all about how they’re going to execute on the hope of a business plan,” Cronje said.

How the Euro Affects Your Investments

Alan McKnight, the director of global investment strategy at Balentine, said taking on currency exposure adds the risk that movements in the currency can influence the overall value of the asset regardless of the underlying characteristics of the asset.

Filings give peek inside wealth management world

The firm gives investors the ability to choose whether they want to be party to all decisions about their money, said President Jeff Adams. “We believe that offering both appropriate. There are still clients who prefer to make the decisions themselves,” he said. Still, “We have more clients than not that trust us to do it for them.”

ICE, Global Payments lead Ga. overseas growth

“It’s been a good strategy for companies,” said Adrian Cronje, chief investment officer at Balentine LLC, which manages more than $1 billion in investments. The top line of a balance sheet, where revenue is listed, grew the most at companies that expanded their business into emerging markets outside the United States, he said.

Successful Succession: The Four Components to Consider When Selling a Business

On January 1st, 2011, America’s Baby Boom generation began to turn 65. Roughly 10,000 boomers a day will pass this milestone birthday over the course of the next two decades, with many making plans to sell their businesses and enter retirement. At Balentine, we have a long history of working closely with individuals and families who either currently own or have recently sold their operating companies.