The Pendulum Continues to Swing

The news of Lehman Brothers’ failure left the world desperately trying to make sense of an unprecedented situation. The crisis on Wall Street suddenly had a massive, unexpected casualty which made it clear the trouble was far from isolated as other giants were on the brink of failure. Partner and Senior Relationship Manager Rob Ragsdale, CFP®, AIF, reflects on the shock following Lehman’s collapse, and its lasting reminder that sometimes the pendulum overreaches.

Learning to Think the Unthinkable

The investment business will teach you nothing if not humility, and that was particularly true during the Great Financial Crisis. Though the stock market has soared to record heights in the ten years since Lehman’s collapse, it is important not to forget the powerful lessons of that time. Chief Executive Officer Adrian Cronje, Ph.D., CFA, explores five key takeaways for investors, including the importance of liquidity management and the limits of traditional diversification.

10 Years Later: Remembering when Lehman Brothers failed

September 15, 2018, marks ten years since Lehman Brothers’ declaration of bankruptcy—the defining moment of the most profound period of global economic devastation in contemporary history. As a senior executive of a publicly traded institution, in which the majority of the revenue was banking related, Chairman Robert Balentine had a front-row seat to the desolation. In a new blog post, he reflects on these events and just how close the world came to the precipice.

May is “Putting Investors First Month”

The month of May has been nominated as “Putting Investors First Month” by the CFA Institute, and Governor Nathan Deal declared this week “Putting Investors First Week” in Georgia. As part of their campaign, the CFA Institute has detailed a list of rights for investors called the Statement of Investor Rights.

Active v. Passive Investing: The True Fight Night

On Saturday May 2nd, millions of viewers tuned in to watch Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao duke it out in the boxing ring. While many were left disappointed at what had been billed as the “fight of the century,” Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal contends that the real heavyweight match of the year took place not in the ring but on the stage of the Grant’s investment conference. The players: James Grant and John Bogle. The topic: active v. passive investing.

With financial advisers, always follow the money

President Obama made headlines recently when he announced sweeping reform plans for the financial industry. In short the issue of fiduciary standards of care is at the heart of the President’s message. In the investment world, there are two primary standard of care levels: suitability and fiduciary. Suitability is the standard of care to which registered […]

The Importance of Investment Discipline

To borrow from Jim Rohn, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” This statement rings especially true in investing. As Balentine Chief Investment Officer Adrian Cronje told the Atlanta Business Chronicle, when markets experience volatility, such as during the third quarter of 2014, it brings both opportunity and risk. The opportunity lies in the […]