NPN Profiles Balentine

Since its launch two years ago, Balentine has created a strong base of clientele with approximately $1.5 billion in total assets through a focus on family offices, high-net-worth individuals and foundations and endowments with portfolios typically ranging from $10 million to $100 million.

How the Euro Affects Your Investments

Alan McKnight, the director of global investment strategy at Balentine, said taking on currency exposure adds the risk that movements in the currency can influence the overall value of the asset regardless of the underlying characteristics of the asset.

In a Weakened Economy, Foundations and Endowments Face New Challenges

This year, the CFA Society of Philadelphia, in conjunction with Spouting Rock Consulting, hosted their second annual Endowment and Foundation Conference. Throughout the day, a common refrain began to emerge from all the speakers: Endowments and Foundations face a number of challenges and find themselves with a limited number of clear solutions.