It’s Time to Go Digital

Dealing with a loved one facing a serious medical problem is incredibly stressful; the last thing anyone wants to do is spend time tracking down legal documents. At Balentine, we believe digital vaults are an attractive option for maintaining important documents, and we help our clients consolidate their important records as part of our financial planning process.

Baby on the Way? Five Questions Every New Parent Should Ask

Having a baby changes everything! As both a father of two little ones and a wealth manager, Relationship Manager Mike Binnicker, CFP has counseled many new parents on how to prepare for the financial aspects of having a baby. Don’t miss his top five financial questions that all expectant/new parents should ask before welcoming baby.

Financial Planning by Decade: Your 40s

Welcome to your 40s! We have great news: you’ve just entered your prime earning years! During this season of your life, it’s important to balance this newfound wealth creation with pragmatic saving for the future. Regardless of where you find yourself financially in your 40s, we have a number of suggestions for how to best position yourself for continued financial success.

Tax Reform’s Expansion of 529 Plan Benefits

The new federal tax code has expanded the benefits of 529 plans to include K-12 expenses of up to $10,000 per student each year. If you anticipate that your child will attend a private school for his or her K-12 education, you’ll need to adjust your planning accordingly.

Can you afford your retirement?

With lower investment returns anticipated in the future combined with longer life expectancies, it is critical that your retirement portfolio provide the necessary spending for your entire lifetime.

Money and Marriage

Marriage and money—two things that, on their own, are complicated enough. When put together, well, that’s when things get really interesting! We share five suggestions for couples who are struggling with money issues in their marriage.

Trump Tax Reform Kickoff

Has Tax Reform Finally Arrived?

Rather than making piecemeal changes to the tax code, the Trump Administration would like to enact comprehensive tax reform, addressing the complexities and inefficiencies of the entire tax system.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning at Balentine

Life isn’t static, and your financial plan shouldn’t be, either. For this reason, Balentine has partnered with eMoney and Riskalyze, two of the industry’s leading financial planning tools.

You did it! Now get a job.

For new college graduates immediately entering the workforce, these tips will help ensure that you establish smart money habits which will benefit you for years to come.