Balentine’s Recommended Reading for Business Owners

Books can provide meaningful guidance to business owners, entrepreneurs, and wealth creators. Here are 30 of our favorites on business and entrepreneurship.

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Balentine's Cardinal Investing Rules

Founded in the spirit of Vistage legend Red Scott’s Business Cardinals, these timeless reminders serve to guide viewers how to invest wisely. Just as our capital market indicators are a timeless reminder of how to arm yourself with your own understanding about the future economic outlook, our Investing Cardinals share our most fundamental thinking around investment philosophy, strategy and implementation to preempt the inevitable question of “How should I invest my portfolio today?

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First Generation Wealth

A book designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn enduring strategies for building a meaningful and lasting legacy.

Being so immersed in day-to-day business affairs often prevents entrepreneurs from anticipating and preparing for the many forks in the road of their entrepreneurial and life journeys.

The purpose of this book is to uncover the questions they  need to ask themselves throughout their journey so that they can stay in control of their own destinies, shape their legacies, pass on the fruits of their labor and, perhaps most importantly, live lives of fulfillment and meaning.

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