David Damiani



How and why did you get into this business?

I was drawn to this industry as a senior in high school watching the 1987 crash unfold. I was fascinated by what drove this machine called the market and wanted to know how it worked. While it is a centuries old mechanism, it is perhaps the purest form of capitalism in existence, and I saw “Wall Street” as an immediate way to convert hard work and knowledge into reward.

What was your best business decision?

To help found Balentine as an equity partner in December 2009.

Why did you choose to come to work at Balentine?

Despite the economic and market malaise at the time, it was a great risk-adjusted decision. As a founding partner, I enjoy having control of my own destiny, leaving an old guard traditional bureaucracy to participate in building a world-class investment company with people I truly like.

Why does Balentine exist?

Balentine exists to provide clients with a better alternative to managing all matters financially related and to develop, grow, and empower employees to become future leaders.

What do you personally think makes Balentine different from other wealth management organizations?

Our level of commitment. Passion is not just a word. I see it every day in the effort and emotion folks bring to their work.

What inspires you to come to work each day?

I love what I do. I have the latitude to execute/implement strategy, I know that my voice will be heard, and I appreciate the support I receive from my colleagues.

David Damiani, CFA is the Chief Financial Officer and a founding partner of Balentine. In his role of Chief Financial Officer, David oversees all financial and administrative aspects of the firm and serves on the Management Committee. With more than 20 years of industry experience, David brings his expertise to bear as the Investment Strategy Team’s Director of Risk Management and Implementation. David’s innovative views on liquidity management as a risk management tool have been recognized by the CFA Institute in the article “The Case for Cash.” Passionate about educating the next generation, David is a course instructor for the Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals and also serves as a guest lecturer at the University of Georgia.



– BA, Georgia State University
– MS, Georgia State University (Finance)


– Wilmington Trust Company, Vice President & Senior Investment Advisor
– Mercer Investment Consulting, Senior Associate & Consultant
– Advent Software, Senior Consultant & Project Manager
– Credit Suisse Asset Management, Assistant Vice President & Senior Equities Trader


– Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals, Member & Course Instructor
– CFA Charterholder
– CFA Institute, Member
– CFO Leadership Council, Board Member
– Vistage, Member


– Knights of Columbus, Member
– University of Georgia Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), Guest Lecturer & Volunteer

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