Wall Street turns to fundamentals, and the picture sours

Adrian Cronje, Balentine’s Chief Investment Officer, spoke to Reuters in the article, “Wall Street turns to fundamentals, and the picture sours.” Says Adrian, “‘The stock market’s expansion this year has been driven by multiple expansion rather than material improvement in underlying fundamentals.’” For more on corporate  earnings and the return to fundamentals, read the Reuters article, […]

US Stocks: Wall Street’s tech-led fall outweighs choice of Yellen for Fed

Balentine Chief Investment Officer Adrian Cronje spoke to Reuters about market behavior in the wake of the government shutdown and the nomination of Yellen as Bernanke’s replacement in the article, “Wall St’s tech-led fall outweighs choice of Yellen for Fed.” “‘It is really important not to become too distracted by Yellen and the Washington stalemate,’ said Cronje. […]

Is Alice in Euroland, or are Congress and Wall Street in Wonderland?

Lewis Carroll played with logic and fantasy in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, leaving popular culture with enduring characters such as the frightening Queen of Hearts, the mad Hatter and the deliriously confused March Hare. The second quarter, one of the more volatile in recent memory, provided quite an adventure for markets. Investors became more anxious as policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic continued to jump down rabbit holes into a land seemingly devoid of any reality.