The Skill of Active Management

Find out why Balentine typically choose to be passive in efficient asset classes, and how we decide whether active management may be more appropriate.

Creative Solutions in a Returns-Challenged World: Private Capital

A key theme in Balentine’s 2016 Capital Markets Forecast is that public market returns face strong headwinds going forward. Valuations in equities and bonds are near all-time highs which create difficulties for clients who seek real return. It is therefore Balentine’s job to bridge this gap, taking intentional risks in portfolios to smartly increase the expected return for clients. One way Balentine aims to achieve this is through a diverse allocation to private capital.

Private Capital as an Asset Class

Private Capital has become a mainstay of many institutional and individual portfolios over the past 10 years, weathering challenging economic and market environments. As an asset class, it has provided investors the opportunity for returns in excess of the public stock markets in exchange for less liquidity and different risks. Based on our 2014 Capital […]

Alternative Energy: The Economics and Ethics of Water

While the deluge of debates about energy policies has passed with the election, questions about Alternative Energy sources remain – particularly for investors. Energy is a term that encompasses a broad range of resources for generating power beyond the traditional sources of gas, oil, coal and hydro. Three of these “non-traditional” sources – solar, wind […]