3,000 Days In, Bull Market Aging Gracefully

Global stock markets posted strong gains during the third quarter, which is often a seasonally weak period for risk assets. During a steady onslaught of new record highs for this bull market, the emotional temptation to sell and take profits has become ever more pronounced.

The Importance of Investment Discipline

To borrow from Jim Rohn, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” This statement rings especially true in investing. As Balentine Chief Investment Officer Adrian Cronje told the Atlanta Business Chronicle, when markets experience volatility, such as during the third quarter of 2014, it brings both opportunity and risk. The opportunity lies in the […]

Our Perspective on Quantitative Analysis

 In our opinion, a key reason our long-term track record has been repeatable over several market cycles is that we harness quantitative models to provide discipline to our decision-making, particularly in the area of tactical rebalancing. Quantitative models represent part of the “Science” methodology we use in our “Art + Science” approach to investing. However, […]