Bears, Bulls and Unicorns: Perspectives from Three Private Capital Insiders

Balentine recently convened three industry veterans who were able to offer us the perspectives of: an investor (Limited Partner), John Huntz; a fund manager (General Partner), Jeff Muir; and an entrepreneur, Gregg Freishtat. Moderated by Balentine Chief Investment Officer Adrian Cronje, the panel aimed to deliver an inside look at the world of private capital and how to best capitalize on today’s environment. What follows are some highlights from that panel discussion.

What Should You Know about IRA Charitable Rollovers?

If you are over 70 ½, Congress made permanent in December 2015 your ability to make charitable gifts directly from your IRA. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 made the charitable rollover provision permanent for 2016 and beyond using the rules established under the Pension Protection Act of 2006. While tax payers have been able to take advantage of this in the past, legislation was frequently approved in late December in a retroactive manner for that calendar year, making it tough to plan charitable giving. Why is this important? In the following, we’ll walk you through an example.

The US Presidential Election: A Brexit Redux?

By any measure, this has been an unusual and highly contentious U.S. presidential election cycle. Many Americans will head to the polls next Tuesday feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, forced to choose between two of the most unpopular candidates to vie for the Oval Office in recent history.

What is the SEC Money Market Fund Reform & How Will It Impact Portfolios?

Money market funds are commonly used by retail and institutional investors to park cash; they are popular options because of their liquidity, principal stability, and payment of short-term yields. Historically, the funds were valued daily by amortizing the cost of their underlying securities—the net asset value (NAV) was anchored at $1.00 while accrued income was paid out. However, during the Financial Crisis of 2007-08, the Reserve Primary Fund experienced inordinately large withdrawals, to the point where its NAV fell below $1.00. This is commonly referred to as the day money market funds “broke the buck.”

How does having a child impact your financial future? The Top Five Questions Every New Parent Should Ask

Having children changes everything. In addition to the sleepless nights and year of amazing “firsts,” there are so many decisions that go into adding a new member of the family. While there are endless books on the topics of caring for a new baby–from the type of laundry detergent to use to the “best” ways to sleep train–there are not nearly as many resources dedicated to the financial aspects of a baby.

100 Years in the Making… A Brief History of the Estate Tax and How the Election Could Impact Its Future

This fall marks 100 years since President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Revenue Act of 1916, which introduced the estate tax to Americans. Originally proposed by Congress as a means to raise revenue in the face of the then-called “Great War” sweeping Europe, the estate tax is imposed on a person’s assets at death. In honor of National Estate Planning Awareness Month this October, what follows are three popular options to reduce or eliminate estate tax liability.

What Brangelina Can Teach About Divorce

News outlets were flooded on Tuesday with the news that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, her husband of two years and partner of nearly 12. With six children, numerous international properties, and an estimated $400 million joint net worth, “Brangelina’s” divorce is likely to be more complicated than most. Even without the harsh media spotlight, divorce is almost always a devastating, challenging ordeal.