Is the “Trump Bump” Headed for a “Trump Slump”? The importance of recognizing noise and preparing for increased volatility

Though the Ringling Bros. had its final curtain call on Sunday, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight for the circus that has taken hold of our nation’s capital. For months, markets climbed steadily, despite the tumult in Washington. That changed on Wednesday, May 17, when the market dropped 1.8%. Despite its swift recovery, could this signal the beginning of a “Trump slump”?

Lessons from Wall Street: What Commuters Can Learn from Investors

The advent of GPS technology promised the Holy Grail for commuters: less time in traffic! Similarly, the proliferation of the internet provided even the most unexperienced investor with immediate access to any stock information he might need. Though both technology and access to better information have increased the dissemination of meaningful information, this concept, by its very nature, ultimately renders itself useless. What does this mean for you, as both a commuter and investor?

Waiting for Godot? How disappointments and opportunities from a single-party government may impact portfolios

The United States’ economy passed a significant milestone in March. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the expansion that began in June 2009 is now the third-longest on record. Only the nine-year expansion of the 1960s and the 10-year expansion of the 1990s have lasted longer. Some people are beginning to wonder how much longer it can continue.

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Financial Planning by Decade: Your 30’s — Spouses and houses, and kids, oh my!

Your twenties were a time of major life changes—you may have graduated college, moved to a new city, secured your first full-time job, started graduate school, etc. Just when you became accustomed to your new lifestyle, bam! Your thirties happen. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to adapt to the new financial circumstances of your thirties, or starting from scratch, there are a number of actions that you can take to enhance your financial outlook.

The World Spins Madly On: Why geopolitics matter for investors

International relations are a tangled web of foreign policy, international integration, economics, politics, trade, geography, diplomacy, culture, religion, and military dealings. Predictions as to how things may play out over the near term are therefore fraught with uncertainty. However, we have identified seven key themes that are likely to generate risks and opportunities for investors in the coming months.

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The New Normal: Teens & Social Media — How to Keep Your Children and Grandchildren Safe in an Age of Oversharing

We live in a digital world, sharing only the best pieces of our lives with our scores of followers. Many Gen Z-ers—those born in the mid-90s or later—live in a world in which they are often alone with only their devices, yet entirely devoid of privacy. This notion of living completely in the open flies in the face of many ultra-wealthy families who prefer to live under the radar.

Maximizing the Impact of your Charitable Giving

Balentine has had the pleasure of working with many philanthropically oriented clients, all of whom have accomplished their charitable giving in myriad ways, including direct gifts, donor advised funds (DAF), private foundations, and charitable trusts. Naturally, each charitable giving vehicle comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As such, before structuring a gift, it is necessary to consider what’s most important given one’s specific situation and goals.

Key Themes for 2017: What to Expect in the Year Ahead

As 2017 dawned, there was a stark contrast from the environment the world experienced one year before. Given 2016’s sharp turns in both the financial markets and the political cycle, we believe the world is on the cusp of some important changes. Globally, we see three prominent transitions that began in 2016 and will likely accelerate in 2017.

Successfully Navigate Tax Season with these Six Tips

With football season over (though many Atlantans are still mourning the outcome) and March Madness cranking up later this month, we seem to be in a bit of a lull. Though it did not arrive with quite as much fanfare as the others, we are in the midst of another season—tax season.