Investment discipline is essential to success.

Balentine’s Investment Strategy Team is comprised of industry leaders and experts who bring their best and most-creative thinking to investment solutions for our clients. Our Atlanta wealth management team collaborates to construct dynamic portfolios that address both your personal and financial goals. 

Goal Setting

Helping you establish objectives for wealth preservation and growth


Establishing and maintaining reserve funds for your lifestyle needs

Risk Management

Mitigating loss for asset protection

Portfolio Construction and Implementaton

Selecting simple, liquid, cost-effective solutions, including active and passive approaches

Proactive Rebalancing

Looking ahead to ensure exposures reflect reality

Tax Management

Protecting income and gains

Building Blocks: A Better Approach to Investment Management

Balentine takes a  holistic and risk-based approach to asset categorization. Rather than viewing the total portfolio as a division of assets among primary asset classes (stocks, bonds and cash) or by the characteristics of the securities underlying those asset classes (growth, value, domestic, international), we instead deploy assets into building blocks that are defined primarily by risk type.


Consistent and Transparent Communication

Full transparency, dependable communication, and client education are at the core of Balentine's exceptional service model. We make sure you understand the recommendations and decisions we implement on your behalf through our written portfolio and market commentaries, annual reports and forecasts, in-person portfolio reviews, customized reporting, portfolio analysis, and online access tools. We are always available to discuss your ideas and concerns.

Focused on Risk Management

Our foremost directive is the management of risk on behalf of our clients. Indeed, our entire investment model is built upon a foundation of risk management. Our risk philosophy is that while it is important for our clients to achieve returns that allow for necessary spending requirements and desired long-term growth, it is even more important that assets are vigorously protected in declining and/or highly volatile markets.


Meet Our Investment Team

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