The Butterfly Effect: Biodiversity In The Blue Ridge

In “The Butterfly Effect: Biodiversity and the Blue Ridge,” Robert Balentine discusses the incredible biodiversity of the region, examining the symbiotic relationships between this bioregion and the flora and fauna found there. His discussion centers on the interdependence of life, sharing examples of how forces that are seemingly unrelated to the average person can come together to create mortal stresses on an already fragile ecosystem.

Successful Succession: The Four Components to Consider When Selling a Business

On January 1st, 2011, America’s Baby Boom generation began to turn 65. Roughly 10,000 boomers a day will pass this milestone birthday over the course of the next two decades, with many making plans to sell their businesses and enter retirement. At Balentine, we have a long history of working closely with individuals and families who either currently own or have recently sold their operating companies.

The Super Committee Failure: Stop Yawning, It’s Getting Serious!

As we turned to celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday based on the ideals of compromise and cooperation, the 12-member bipartisan “Super Committee” failed to reach agreement on how to help solve our country’s looming fiscal crisis. With both parties focused on winning next year’s Presidential election, there was little incentive for an honest effort at making progress now. Though expected by most, the Super Committee’s failure still offers cause for serious concern.

Women and Wealth Management

In this video podcast, Brittain Prigge, Balentine’s Director of the Client Relationship Team and a member of our Management Committee, shares three tips for helping women build a better, more productive relationship with their investment advisor in order to take more ownership of their financial situation.

Stocks start 2011 strong but with no “January Effect”!

Last month, the Russell 2000 index of small cap stocks fell 0.3%, while the S&P 500 presented a positive 2.3%, making 2011 the 17th year since 1925 that small cap stocks fell behind the large cap stocks in January. Will the old adage go that if large cap stocks beat small cap stocks in January, the trend will continue for the year?

The Profit Paradox

Why are corporate profits at a record high and yet economic growth and job growth are still stagnant?

Atlanta’s Road to Recovery

The major hurdles still facing Atlanta’s financial industry start with the macro issues the entire developed world is facing: slower economic growth, concerns over the prospect of near-term deflation and longer term resurgent inflation, a lack of fiscal discipline on the part of governments, and the continued effects of deleveraging in both the public and private sectors.