Students Are Fleeing Liberal Arts – How It Could Hurt the U.S.

Tonia Edwards, Balentine’s Director of Project Strategy, spoke with the Fiscal Times on the effects of the decline in the number of liberal arts degrees in the article, “Students are Fleeing Liberal Arts – How It Could Hurt the U.S.” Balentine, an investment management firm in Atlanta, for example, often brings on employees with liberal […]

U.S. Contenders Box Clever

If the same party wins both the House and the presidency, that would augur well for stocks. “But gridlock would be negative for risk assets,” notes Adrian Cronje, the chief investment officer of Atlanta-based Balentine.

Drought May Buoy Advisers’ Portfolios

“As long-term investors, it is very difficult to play short-term events, and it is difficult to say how far-reaching the drought’s impact will be,” said David Damiani, director of risk management at Balentine LLC, an Atlanta-based registered investment adviser overseeing $1.5 billion.

Wall Street Journal: Firm Takes Unusually Bold Approach to Social Media

Among wealth-management firms, Balentine’s presence on Facebook isn’t at all typical. The firm’s “wall” is crowded with news and insights from staffers, including messages from industry conferences, summer-reading recommendations and descriptions of kids’ baseball games. It looks, in other words, like the Facebook page of an outgoing and intelligent person. And that’s exactly what the firm has in mind.

Fiscal Cliff: Fact or Fiction?

The housing situation while a bit better, is not resolved. “Homes are still the largest asset for many families, it will be years before many get back above water,” points out Alan McKnight, director of global investment strategy at Balentine.

A Primer for Investing in Commodities

Keep in mind that commodities as an asset class can be volatile and therefore deserve “considerable research and scrutiny,” says Alan McKnight, the director of global investment strategy at Atlanta-based investment advisory firm Balentine. “Investors should be very careful. … It is important that they have a clear understanding of the spot and futures markets,” he says.

How Weak Is China?

“It is not in the Chinese government’s interest to not have things go smoothly and hurt the economy,” Clark Li, global research director of Balentine in Atlanta said in a recent interview.

Executive Talk Radio: Navigating the Investment Landscape

Adrian Cronje, Chief Investment Officer of Balentine, was a featured guest on “Executive Talk Radio.” In this lively segment, Adrian discusses how the investment landscape has changed over thelast 5 years, the effect of the 24/7 news cycle and social media on the investment world, and the importance of a long-term approach to investing.

ICE, Global Payments lead Ga. overseas growth

“It’s been a good strategy for companies,” said Adrian Cronje, chief investment officer at Balentine LLC, which manages more than $1 billion in investments. The top line of a balance sheet, where revenue is listed, grew the most at companies that expanded their business into emerging markets outside the United States, he said.

The Expected Unexpected for 2012

Last February, we posted a blog entitled “The Expected Unexpected in 2011” in which we listed nine S.T.E.E.P. related events that we believed would impact the markets. As we begin 2012, we’ll look back at last year’s predictions and examine potential areas of concern for the coming year and beyond.