2015 A Cautious Look Ahead: Bob Reiser’s Annual “Forecasts”

Once again Bob Reiser, Senior Adviser on our Investment Strategy Team, has prepared a list of “forecasts.” As in previous years, the views expressed herein are solely those of Bob Reiser’s and may not be shared by other members of the Investment Strategy Team. “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.”  (Old […]

The Importance of Investment Discipline

To borrow from Jim Rohn, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” This statement rings especially true in investing. As Balentine Chief Investment Officer Adrian Cronje told the Atlanta Business Chronicle, when markets experience volatility, such as during the third quarter of 2014, it brings both opportunity and risk. The opportunity lies in the […]

The Abenomics Opportunity

It is truly rare to see the market exhibit as strong a return as the Japanese markets have exhibited over the last two years, yet remained valued attractively; however, Balentine’s Investment Strategy Team believes this is indeed the case for Japan. Therefore, our team has recently made policy changes to take advantage of potential multiple […]

Has the Moment of Truth Finally Arrived?

After more than five years of aggressive intervention in financial markets, the Federal Reserve (Fed) seems on the cusp of ending the greatest experiment in monetary policy history. Through Quantitative Easing[1], the Fed hoped to create a wealth effect to stimulate spending and investing as the economy slowly reduced the build-up of excessive debt from […]

The Valuation Debate Rages On

As we have covered in depth throughout the year, the U.S. stock market has become increasingly overvalued when looking at long-term measures of valuation. The CAPE ratio[1], one such metric, is in the ninth decile of historical valuation meaning that US stocks have been cheaper 90% of the time than they are today using this […]

The Broken Silence: Three Big Questions remain unanswered

The Broken Silence: Three Big Questions That Remain Unanswered

Earlier this summer, our Research & Papers entry “Interpreting The Sound of Silence” walked readers through different interpretations of the market calm that overtook markets for much of the summer. Since that writing, conditions have become more volatile, as previously highlighted concerns such as geopolitical risk and inflation have begun to play out. Right on […]

Balentine, an Atlanta Investment Advisor, discusses Seven Key Investment Principles in Applying Seven Key Principles.

Applying Seven Key Principles to Invester Portfolios

In a recent article for the CFA Institute’s website, Lauren Foster highlighted seven key investment principles to help investors stay on track. Balentine has covered all of these principles in previous research papers and interviews. Below, we take a look at these seven principles and provide more details and insight into how these are a part […]

Interpreting the Sound of Silence

Markets have been eerily quiet during the second quarter of 2014 – especially given the circumstances – leaving many to interpret what this “sound of silence” actually means: a sign of a strengthening economy or the calm before the storm? As Neil Irwin points out in the article “Markets are Less Volatile. Should We worry?” […]

Geopolitical Risk or Opportunity?

During the second quarter of this year, an almost-eerie calm has settled over markets. For the first time in more than 20 years, bonds, stocks and commodities all rose together, while volatility across all asset classes continued to decline to extremely low levels. This was especially unusual given the domestic economy’s contraction during the first […]

The Flash Boys Frenzy

High Frequency Trading has been in the headlines for much of the spring. In response to this maelstrom, David Damiani, Balentine’s Director of Risk Management and Implementation, discusses Balentine’s approach to implementation and how it differs from the processes currently being highlighted in the media. At a recent charity event, I tried to bid on […]